Priors Inn Public House

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk | May 2015
1134 Man Hours
92.86 Tons Waste Removed
5 Weeks

It was the end of an era when Anglian were tasked with the demolition of the Priors Inn Public House. The 80 year old pub that was located on an estate in Bury St Edmunds closed it’s doors for the final time 2013. During its time it was one of the largest pubs in the town, making it a real hub for the local community. However, the 1930s pub was scheduled for demolition after the site was bought by Havebury Housing Partnership and plans for development were underway.

The site took 5 weeks to demolish, after that the build phase was able to proceed.

“Its always quite sad when an era has to come to an end, especially when the building has so much history with the local community. However it is important to revive the site and provide more housing for Bury St Edmunds.”
  • 47.24 tons of general waste removed from site with a 98.8% recycling rate
  • 39.84 tons of wood removed from site with a 100% recycling rate
  • 5.78 tons of scrap metal removed from site with a 100% recycling rate
  • 1134 man hours
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