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As a licensed contractor, we understand the need for the safe handling of products containing asbestos

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Our experienced surveyors can carry out both types of asbestos surveys to suit your requirements. The “Management Survey” is intended to enable the management of asbestos within premises from a perspective of occupational risk to health. A “Refurbishment & Demolition Survey” is required prior to any works which will disturb the fabric of the building. This survey covers the whole building where refurbishment is to take place.

We have experience in carrying out all sizes of surveys, from small residential properties, to large complex commercial buildings. All of our surveyors are appropriately trained and hold the relevant P402 qualification.


Once asbestos has been identified from a survey you will need to explore methods to manage this. Removal may not always be the most appropriate or viable process so encapsulation is an alternative service we offer.

The asbestos is painted in a specialised sealant which prevents it from being damaged and degrading – providing protection as the fibres cannot be released into the air.


Asbestos must be handled with extreme care, both in live buildings and during demolition. Our team handle removal for both licensed and non-licensed asbestos.

We are an HSE licensed asbestos removal contractor with a management team that is dedicated in implementing site specific solutions for your removal dilemmas. We can programme removal works to suit the timescale of your project, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays. Some clients of our asbestos services include the Ministry of Defence, local governments, health authorities, property developments and major construction companies.

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Case Studies

Recent Asbestos Projects

Browse a selection of our case studies on projects that have recently been completed. Assignments range from surveying to removal tasks, in a variety of settings including residential properties and commercial buildings.

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