Clapham House

Lowestoft, Suffolk
3 Weeks

Clapham House is one of Lowestoft’s well-known landmarks that was bought by Kingsley Healthcare who planned to renovate the building into their new company headquarters. Our scaffolding was required to assist with the external renovation of the 13,000 sq ft building, to help revive the area.

Down at Lowestoft, the biggest problem we had was the wind. Being next to the sea in the winter months, the wind strengths regularly reached speeds of 30mph plus. Installing the tubing and boards was fine, but when the monoflex was installed it took a lot of strength and effort with the winter winds. Once installed, the end result was well worth all the hard work that the Anglian scaffold team put in.

Clapham House, Lowestoft, took just over 3 weeks to put up and then strike at the end of the project – completing the project in March 2016.

“The toughest obstacle through this project was battling with the coastal winter elements. It was tough work but the team pulled together to complete the job to their usual high standards.”
  • 9885 ft of scaffold boards used
  • 47.86 tons of materials used
  • 1638 double fittings used
  • 1550 single fittings used
  • 392 sleeves used
  • Totalled boarded area of 735.82 m2
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