Case Study

RAF Marham Hangar Demolition

Project timescale:
April - August 2016

On this project one of the biggest problems was Debris

working between 2 live hangars and a taxiway for the jets it was important that nothing escaped the site boundary, to combat this we installed a 200m scaffold debris screen to the affected areas which was built by our in house scaffolding team. We also implemented the use of 2 dust cannons to stop any dust or debris from the high reach works. The next challenge was the logistics of removing the waste from site, the companies we normally used were more than ready to help us out, the likes of Frimstone who removed over 15,000 tons of material from site did a sterling job as always and Collins Skip Hire who removed just under 150 tons of asbestos from site again did a brilliant job. With all this sorted we handpicked our most experienced team along with our most senior plant operators to do the job on time, in budget but most of all safely, we were given an 18-week programme to complete the works but completed within 16. Our client Balfour Beatty was very impressed with the way we approached the project in tender stage and on site, this then led onto us being awarded another package on RAF Marham with all credit going to the guys on site and the commercial team in the office for all their efforts. Demolition timelapse video

Project Summary

  • Wood 95.24 Tons with a recycling rate of 100%
  • General Waste 155.38 Tons with a recycling rate of 94.1%
  • Tarmac 1,170.1 tons with a recycling rate of 100%
  • Scrap Metal 802.86 with a recycling rate of 100%
  • Concrete & Bricks 14,132.19 tons with a 100% recycling rate
  • Asbestos 146.94 Tons
  • Gypsum 8 Tons
  • On this project we used 3,348 man hours from start to finish
  • Our machinery used just under 20,000L of diesel from start to finish
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Project Partners

The following companies were very instrumental in helping us with this project.