Copleston School

Ipswich, Suffolk
4536 Man Hours
4101.40 Tons of Hardcore Removed From Site
11 Weeks Completion

Project Overview

This project involved the construction of a brand new, three storey academy which would hold a total of 1480 pupils, in addition 300 6th form students. Upon completion of this construction, our role was to demolish a selection of the school buildings, where the area was due to be landscaped.

Demolition of the existing teaching buildings were able to commence in July 2020, once all the pupils and classroom equipment had been relocated into the new build. The project took 11 weeks to complete – finishing our final clearance in October 2020. The whole school project was completed by February 2021, after a hard play area and landscaping had been finished where the school once stood.

“It was important that during this demolition project, we caused as little disruption to the pupils school life as possible, and ensured the highest standards of safety to protect all pupils and staff.”
  • 142.98 tons of scrap metal removed from site
  • 67.2 tons of wood removed from site
  • 233.28 tons of general waste removed from site
  • 11.38 tins of asbestos waste removed from site
  • 4104.70 tons of hardcore removed from site
  • 7970L of red diesel used
  • 4536 man hours on this projects
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