Metal Recycling

East Anglia's fastest growing Scrap Metal Recycling facility

About Us

Anglian is a name that has been associated with demolition and subsequently scrap metal, metal processing and waste management for many years.

Anglian have now utilised their vast knowledge of the industry, as both producer and processor, to set up our own Metal Recycling Division.
We have used our experience as a seller of scrap, to identify the needs of the client - Honesty, Reliability, Value and Integrity.

Ferrous Metals

- Light Iron

- Shearing

- OA Structural (5ft)

- OA Oversize

- Steel Cuts

- Cast

Non ferrous

- Copper

- Aluminium

- Brass

- Lead

- Zinc

- Stainless Steel

- Cable

- Lead Batteries

Scrap Metal Recycling

We specialise in the buying, processing, recycling and selling of non-ferrous and ferrous metals from our Licensed recycling facility in Attleborough, Norfolk.

Open to both commercial and domestic customers, we offer highly competitive prices for turning your waste into money. All our scrap metal prices are linked to the London Metal Exchange which ensures you get a true valuation of all the metals we accept. We are able to quote both spot prices and contract prices.

We provide a comprehensive collection service for larger quantities – offering 12yd -40yd skips along with artic bulkers, or you can deliver it to our Attleborough facility which offers easy access for all size vehicles.

Whether you are a large company that needs to recycle large quantities of scrap metal, or you are an individual wishing to recycle a small amount of scrap metal, contact Anglian Metal Recycling for highly competitive scrap metal prices.

Squalo 2000 shear

With the addition of our Squalo 2000 shear we can now process much more material than ever before. The shear itself weighs in excess of 60 tons and certainly packs a punch with an overall cutting force of 2000 Tons.

The Squalo 2000 shear will process up to 25 tons of material per hour meaning our operatives will have to work hard to keep up. With adjustable cutting lengths we can process any material to any size for a specific order should it be needed.

We can even pack her down and load onto a low loader in less than 5 minutes and visit any site should the contract require this.

Arjes 950 Titan shredder

The Arjes 950 Titan is a game changer in waste recycling, it can process most waste streams including, Wood, Metal and even concrete, The engine boasts 768HP and has the capability of processing cars complete.

The Arjes 950 has its own magnetic belt which removes the recyclable scrap metal from the waste that is produced.

Further Information

What We Cant Take

Cars or vehicles, unless all liquids and hazardous materials have been removed.

Gas bottles and pressurised containers.

Heavily contaminated material with oils, grease and dirt.

Hazardous material.

Explosive and flammable material.

Fridges and household appliances (TVs, computers and electrical appliances).

ID Information

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 was introduced to help reduce the theft of scrap metal, making it illegal to pay cash for scrap.

To comply with this legislation, we will require the following information from all clients:

A driving license (photo and address)


A passport – accompanied by one of the following:

A home utility bill.

Bank or Building Society Statement.

Debit or Credit Card Statement.

Council tax bill.

As a new client, this information will be recorded and held on our records data base (this will not be distributed to third parties and you will not be added to any marketing or sales lists without your permission).