Case Study

Clapham House, Lowestoft

Project timescale:
3 weeks

Clapham House, Lowestoft took just over 3 weeks to put up and then strike at the end of the project.

Down at Lowestoft the biggest problem we had was the wind, being next to the sea in the winter months the wind strengths regularly reached speeds of 30mph plus, installing the tube and boards was fine but when the monoflex was installed it took a lot of effort with the winter winds, once installed the end result was well worth all the effort the lads put in.

Project Summary

  • 9885 ft of Boards Used
  • 47.86 Tons Of Material
  • 1638 Double Fittings
  • 1550 Single Fittings
  • 392 Sleeves
  • Total Boarded Area of 735.82m2
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